By On June 18th, 2013

Southern Baptist Convention Supports Those with Mental Illness


The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) meets annually and votes on various resolutions involving current issues facing its churches and congregants.  A quick Google search of the Southern Baptist Convention yields results that currently focus on the organization’s recent decision to withdraw its support of Boy Scouts of America.  The SBC recently voted on another resolution, however, that seeks to raise awareness about mental illness and decrease stigma.  The resolution entitled “Mental Health Concerns and the Heart of God” publicly acknowledges the denomination’s support of people dealing with mental illness as well as families whose loved ones have died by suicide.  Dr. Frank Page, a former president of the SBC, lost one of his daughters to suicide.  Pastor Rick Warren, whose son died by suicide, tweeted his support of the resolution.  As people within the church, continue to be affected by mental illness, it has become clear that the organization should do its part in recognizing the problem.  Perpetuating the idea that Christians are not affected by these issues only further strengthens the stigma and isolation.  Hopefully, the passing of this resolution will open a discussion around mental illness and suicide and how the church can help.

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