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Can Churches Properly Address Sexual Abuse?

Christian counselors know better than almost anyone else about the failings of the church, especially in the area of mental health and/or abuse. Of course, we often don’t hear the good side of the story, because no one comes to a counselor or psychologist to speak about how well their abuse was handled.

No, we only hear the mistakes. Because of this, it could be very easy to paint the church in a truly terrible light when it comes to its handling of sexual abuse or allegations that arise, but as Phil Monroe said, “that would not be true.”

While there are more negative stories about the church’s handling of sexual abuse than we would like to think about, those stories also get the most attention because it simply isn’t newsworthy to most to point out when a church is doing it right. However, many churches are handling the issue in healthy, honest, and proactive ways.

One of those churches, The Summit Church from Durham, NC, held an entire weekend of sexual abuse awareness, training, and discussion in May. They also shared their entire event from preparation, through the sermon and aftercare. Not only did they address the issue, they present steps to allow their church to be a real positive presence in their community’s mental health treatment and support.

If you ever wanted proof that there are many churches out there truly addressing the problem, or you want a blue-print for how your own group can finally take the reins and look the issue straight in the eyes, Summit Church shows you everything you want to see.

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