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The APA Removes ‘Gender Identity Disorder’ From DSM-5

The American Psychiatric Association has removed “Gender Identity Disorder” from its official list of mental illnesses, the DSM-5, which psychiatrists across the country use to make informed diagnoses of patients.

Gender Identity Disorder, or a condition where a person identifies as the other gender, has been classified as a mental illness until the new version of the DSM-5 was announced, and now the LGBT community has persuaded the APA that the condition is a sexual identity such as being homosexual, after years of lobbying for the change.

Now, the only form of gender identity disorder, or transgendered people considered to have a mental illness are those experiencing “gender dysphoria,” meaning the person deals with inner conflict with their self-identification.

This is of course a fairly big win for the LGBT community, and the revision comes shortly after a federal judge ordered a prison to provide a gender re-assignment surgery to an inmate. The decision to change the classification was likely supported by the UN’s own anti-discrimination resolution which included gender identity as equivalent to race, religion, and sexual orientation.

Religious sects around the world have their own opinions on the issue of sexual identity, so speaking on the ethicacy of the issue is a complex issue that could fill its own book, but suffice to say the largest Christian tradition, the Catholic Church, is not in favor of the APA’s view of gender identity disorder.

Before his resignation, Pope Benedict XVI described the rejection of innate male and female sexual identities as a denial of God, according to the National Catholic Register. Pope Francis is highly unlikely to have much of a different understanding of gender identity disorder, or homosexuality as a whole, given his previously stated stance on the issue.

Of course, other churches will have their own understandings of the issue, and some have been accepting to transgendered members of their congregations, while others view those with gender identity disorder as immoral, depending on their unique understandings of scripture.

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