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Finding The Right Counselor For Sexual Abuse Treatment

Sexual abuse can happen to anyone, and the constant news stories about assaults, rapes, and all other kinds of sexual violence are enough to remind many that anyone they know could have been sexually abused. The new level of discourse is also finally making many victims feel safe to speak out about past and recent abuse, which is the first step to actually healing from the tragic event.

Once they’ve found the courage to address what has happened, victims hopefully seek assistance in dealing with the ongoing difficulties that come with coping and recovering from a traumatic event. But, it is important to find the right counselor to ensure you are getting the care you need. How can you tell if you have the counselor right for you though?

Phil Monroe, a prominent Christian Psychologist, helps many women come to terms with violations of their body, emotions, and soul, and he has also seen how other psychologists often handle cases with sexual abuse. Sadly, many don’t see the issue as seriously as they should, especially if the offense isn’t “recent”, so it is important to know how to find a counselor who understands the gravity of the situation and the tremendous courage it can take to come forward with sexual abuse.

The most essential necessity is that any victims do not feel threatened with blame, disbelief, or lack of privacy. Sexual abuse is immensely personal, emotionally complex for the victims, and unfortunately there are more than a few cases of victims being ignored, disbelieved, or even shamed. If you are a victim and don’t feel comfortable confiding your story to a specific counselor, find another, and don’t stop looking until you find one you trust to keep your story as private as you need, and will treat you with respect and dignity while also helping you through the ordeal.

Monroe has some more specific questions you can ask if you’re unsure you have the right counselor. Getting the proper help for such a traumatic event is crucial to healing and finding a way to a truly healthy and happy life.

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