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Doctor Who “Functionally Cured” Toddler of HIV Used To Be a Missionary

Source: umc.edu

Recently, headlines exploded with news that a doctor had “functionally cured” a newborn baby girl with an HIV infection, for the first time in history. But, years earlier, Dr. Hannah Gay, the pediatrician the the University of Mississippi Medical Center whose treatment “cured” the baby girl, spent years as a missionary in Ethiopia.

Gay worked with her husband in Addis Ababa for a good portion of the 80’s, before returning home and continuing to teach children Bible passages at her church on Wednesday nights. She never really dreamed of being famous. Instead, Gay has lived a very private life caring for others and being a devout Christian. Her daughter told the Washington Post, “She does not like being in the spotlight.”

But, the “functional cure” of aids in a toddler will make any doctor an international name. She, along with collegues at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, treated and tracked the progress of a baby girl who experienced remission of HIV infection after receiving antiretroviral therapy within 30 hours of her birth, according to the Christian Post.

Other doctors working on the case from Johns Hopkins Children’s Center agreed it was the early administration of the antiviral treatment that likely caused the “functional cure” for the baby girl.

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