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Do Men and Women Sin Differently?

Statistics indicate that men and women do commit crime differently. More specifically, men are much more likely to commit crime or be incarcerated. This leads the writer for Mental Health Grace Alliance’s blog to ask, do men and women sin differently?

They believe men and women do sin differently, but they also argue that the reasons are hidden in biological roots foretold by scripture. While I believe men and women do sin differently, I am not sold on the idea that the reasons are inherently biological.

For starters, the writer assumes that men and women’s biological difference instill different desires that are complimentary. While God shaped man and woman to complement each other biologically and mentally, assuming that their desires are biologically given has been scientifically disproved. The world around us shapes who we are and what we desire, and it is impossible to ignore that our culture influences what we want out of life.

Secondly, the writer blatantly says that the women’s “curse” since the Garden of Eden has been an unequal relationship with man in which “he would rule over her.” That is entirely cultural, and in the modern world, outdated. No longer do men rule over women, though complete equality may still not be here, but yet women and men sin differently.

The reason men and women sin differently is because they have different pressures from society to be different types of people. It is entirely possible desires of maternity or promiscuity may be linked to biological desires, but it is not possible that desires for privilege or position are a woman’s “curse.”

Men and women both sin for privilege and position because both desire it, though their methods may be different. Women lust. Men steal. Yet the rates are different because we commit these sins for different reasons. Women don’t act on their lust as often because even the agnostic will shame her. They also don’t have the physical power to enact the more violently criminal acts of lust. These types of female criminality still occur, but they are less frequent.

There is no one without sin. Yet God forgives everyone who asks. There are legitimate mental differences in the brains of men and women, but that doesn’t mean either is less capable than the other. We compliment each other, and society has established different roles for us. These roles influence how we sin, but that doesn’t mean we are drawn towards that path of sin. We are all forgiven equally.

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