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Edmond Church Sponsors Mental Health Panel

Churches often find themselves able to only offer spiritual support to those dealing with mental health issues. While spiritual support is extremely important in helping someone coping with anxiety, depression, and any other mental health condition, we often want to find a way to help these individuals find the proper clinical care.

For those with serious mental health issues, churches often help direct them to qualified specialists and may even help cover costs for treatment for those truly in need, but for children and those dealing with normal mental health issues that plague many, directing them to go into therapy can be a more complicated issue.

To help inform parents about the mental and emotional problems the youth today are facing, Southern Hills Christian Church in Edmond is sponsoring an “Ask the Experts” panel and question-and-answer session with a collection of mental health professionals. The event is tomorrow, February 28th, at the church located at 3207 S. Bouldevard.

Kim Willbanks, the churches director of youth ministries, told the Edmond Sun that parents were coming to her and other staff members regularly with questions related to youth mental and emotional health, and the church realized that the counselors within their congregation may be able to help educate parents.

Children today face an enormous amount of pressure to do well, as well as juggling dating issues, friendships, self-image, depression, anxiety, and even substance abuse. Parents often find themselves unsure how to relate or support their children living in an incredibly different world than the one in which they were raised, and the church hopes offering free events like this will help parents direct their children to healthy and positive ways to manage these issues.

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