By On November 27th, 2012

Symposium Details the Connection Between Mindfulness and Health

For the first time in history, a field of science combining spiritual “mindfulness” with research on healing is becoming part of the mainstream medical dialogue. The rise in profile of this area is mirrored by the first International Symposia on Contemplative Studies, which was held during April in Denver.

The symposium brought together well respected researchers with reknowned contemplative teachers from around the world to discuss the recent findings on meditation and healing.

The data coming from the latest research shows that mindfulness helps promote healing, learning, and neuroplasticity, but almost more shocking, there are parallel finds showing that compassion, or the practice of “loving-kindness” also has positive effects in all of these areas.

While many of the researchers cited Buddhist practices as the basis of their meditation and compassion studies, these practices are also common in many other religions, including Christianity. The findings show us that loving our neighbors and practicing mindfulness can be very beneficial to your health.

Joe Loizzo has a first-hand account of the symposium at The Huffington Post.


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