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How Near-Death Experiences Affect The Living

After discussing Dr. Eben Alexander’s new book, Proof of Heaven, as well as critiques against it, there is one aspect of this type of story that often goes without being talked about. How do these near-death experiences affect the living.

There are entire websites with credible information about near-death experiences, such as The Near Death Experiences Research Foundation, which has many stories from those that have faced NDEs. While most of the stories vary wildly, what they mostly share is a sense of universal love and acceptance.

The stories usually offer the “victim” a sense of purpose when they return back to this world, as well as seemingly resolving questions about what happens after death. These two combined can allow a person to make a real difference, because they are freed from the fear and worry associated with putting faith in an afterlife.

As Glenn Croston, Ph.D. wrote for Psychology Today, “People commonly report after a near death experience that they are no longer afraid of death or the common fears that hold us back in life, and are eager to do work that matters with their life.” Being given a second chance combined with a renewed sense of purpose is a recipe for positive change.

These stories of near-death experiences will continue to be debated so long as there are people experiencing them, but it is hard to deny the inspiration that comes from them. Those that have experienced a NDE come back to this world a changed person, and they offer inspiration to those seeking hope.

Skeptics will always have questions, but there’s no way to refute the positive influence those coming back from a NDE have on the world.


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  1. justin says:

    Hi im sorry but my near death exp was not a positive outcome at all. I suffered nitrogen narcossis while scuba diving then drowned (well apparently near drowning) died twice and suffered a stroke and quite exstensive brain damage was paralized from both the benz and the stroke. I am generally a very positive person anyway and still am. I am now pretty much completely ok with just some risidual after affects , being memory problems a tight and painful back a numb and what i can only describe as a weird left leg and slight bowel issues.
    I say it has not been a positive outcome but i am ok and pretty happy.But in the last 3 years since this happened i have suffered greatly with lots of emotional problems anger issues and the complete opposite to suddenly realising the meaning of life and what i want to do and who iam ect.. ect.. ect.. I have also managed to drive my wife crazy to the point of that we ars now recently seperated. Who i must add at this point was very present at the accident and saved my life the first time while drowning and whom i still love very much. So i feel maybe my positive influence on the world is yet to come

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