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Can “Normal” Blood Sugar Levels Lead To Dementia?

Could high blood sugar lead to dementia? A new study suggests it can, as higher levels of blood sugar for prolonged periods could be connected to brain shrinkage, which in turn causes dementia.

Others have made this connection before, but it was never clear what specific blood sugar levels posed a threat. According to this recent survey, any blood sugar level higher than “normal” can be dangerous.

“Numerous studies have shown a link between type 2 diabetes and brain shrinkage and dementia, but we haven’t known much about whether people with blood sugar on the high end of normal experiences these same effects” stated the author of the study, Dr. Nicolas Cherbuin, chief investigator at the Eccles Institute of Neuroscience at Australian National Univeristy in Canberra.

This most recent study was published in the September 4 print issue of Neurology, and the study examined 266 people between the ages of 60-64. Those who fell within the “normal” range of blood sugar, but were closer to the higher side of the range, suffered from significantly more brain loss than those with lower blood sugar levels. The areas most affected, the hippocampus and amygdala, affect memory and congnitive skills, and have been associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

According to Nicolas Cherbuin, “”More research is needed, but these findings may lead us to re-evaluate the concept of normal blood sugar levels and the definition of diabetes.”

For more information on this study, read Brittney R. Villalva’s report at The Christian Post


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