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How the Religiosity of Parents Affects Their Children

Some recent studies have found that parents who have strong religious affiliations, beliefs, or faith are more likely to demonstrate these beliefs and behaviors in front of their children than those with less devout religious beliefs.

They have also found that this demonstration of religiousness can influence a child’s belief system and influence the way in which children express their religion later in life.

One of these studies, carried out by Kathleen C. Leonard from the University of Massachussetts was focused on how parental religion influenced young adults’ religious affiliations, beliefs, and faith. She also explored the effects of parental faith support, attachment, parental religiosity, and influence of parental gender.

Overall, the results showed that students felt that their religiosity was similar to that of their parents, and their parents supported their own faith beliefs.

Leonard found that many factors play a role in the participants’ religiosity, especially faith support, and the similarity of religiosity. Parental attachment, however, did not play much of a part. The findings also supported the idea that parental gender “matters in religious socialization” because Leonard found that females were more influenced than males by their parent’s religiosity.

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