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A Short Story to Ponder on Alcohol Dependence (AD)

There was 45 year old Christian house wife whom is married to a successful lawyer, and every afternoon she would make herself an alcoholic beverage; on many evenings, she has passed out on the couch by the time her husband arrives from work. This house wife lost her driver’s license a year ago after being arrested three times on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol. Her family has urged her to obtain treatment for her alcohol dependence but she denies that she has a problem because in her mind she can control her drinking. Her drinking habit started when she found herself alone every afternoon taking “cocktail.” Over a period of several years, the cocktail developed into a series of strong alcoholic drinks. Her eldest daughter has begun to insist that something must be done for her mother, because she does not want to see her mother develop the fatal alcohol-related illness that caused the premature death of her grandfather.

This is a simple and realistic story that can give us some realization and lessons why a person should avoid alcohol consumption. (a)First sign that we can see is this scenario is the housewife’s problem began when she found herself with nothing to do and all alone at home, so she turned her attention to making drinks for herself; when in fact, she could have done other things that would occupy her time. Would it be possible that her loneliness pushed her to drink? If that’s the case, her action leads to a long time question- How many people today do the same thing (finding themselves drowning in alcohol to pass the time)? (b)Secondly, drinking became a pattern of her daily life, where every afternoon she had formed a habit to entertain; even though, she lost her license three times because of intoxication. (c)Thirdly, she didn’t accept her problem at hand which is a familiar pattern among addicts; they justify that it’s okay to drink alcohol as long as they can manage themselves- not realizing the long term effects. (d) Fourthly, her addiction has become a growing concern to her family.  Some alcoholics never realize the effect and toll that it can take on their family and loved ones, when in reality the support of family is often the case for many addicts recovery. (e) Fifthly, it is important to recognize that this story points out through a process of family tree lines that the illness is not bias on sexes but can affect both males and females.

Let us be reminded with what Hosea 4:11-12 states  “Wine has robbed my people of their understanding. They ask a piece of wood for advice! They think a stick can tell them the future! Longing after idols has made them foolish. They have played the prostitute, serving other gods and deserting their God” (NLT) is telling us, intoxicating wine takes away intelligence and this is a truth that many individuals choose to ignore. Have you ever observe and talked to a person under the influence of alcohol? It is incredibly hard to communicate with them and they often appear hostile or unreasonable. They often find a way to turn the blame to others or circumstances out of their control or even try to make a sound claim that they are perfectly sane and well.

If this story sounds relatable to you or someone you know, please recognize that alcohol addiction is very serious and treatment should be sought before it is too late. In the story referenced above, tough love towards a family member will be put to the test, but the individual suffering from the illness deserves the opportunity to live a full, cherished life. Don’t go through this strife alone get help today.

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