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When to Encourage Your Spouse to Enter a Christian Rehab Center

Marriage should be one of the strongest bonds that two people can share. Unfortunately, there are too many marriages that end due to addiction. When your spouse is suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs it’s easy to feel like your marriage is hopeless. Drugs and alcohol can influence our behavior in detrimental ways. It’s common for addicts to engage in acts of deceit, violence or infidelity that can damage trust in a partnership. Ideally, marriages should last a lifetime. All marriages have their problems. Fortunately, if you can convince your spouse to seek help in a rehabilitation program, your marriage can return to a state of bliss.

When Your Spouse Needs Help

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the moment when your spouse needs to seek help. This can be especially true when dealing with legal, socially acceptable substances like alcohol and prescription drugs. Some telltale signs to watch out for are if your spouse is missing work or performing poorly at work, lying, stealing, being verbally and/or physically abusive or engaging in reckless behavior.

How to Get Your Spouse to Agree to Enter a Rehab Program

Once you have confirmed that your spouse has a problem with alcohol or other substances, it’s time to engage in an honest discussion. It’s important to let your spouse know how his or her behavior is affecting you. Cite specific examples, but make sure that you are coming from a place of love. Assure them that you want them to seek help because you love them and value your marriage. If necessary plan an intervention with family and friends.

Supporting Your Spouse during Rehab

While your spouse is in rehab it’s important to take an active role in his or her recovery process. Attend family counseling sessions whenever possible. By making your love and support known, your spouse can focus on how delightful your marriage will be after their treatment.

The Benefits of a Christian Rehab Center

If your spouse is a Christian, he or she might strongly benefit from entering a Christian rehab center. Christian rehab programs like RENEWAL not only give your spouse an opportunity to receive addiction treatment and get sober, they also present a chance for your spouse to work on their relationship with God. Incorporating your spouse’s faith into the recovery process can present an added benefit. Your spouse is likely aware that addictive behaviors are at odds with their belief system. Rehab can therefore be an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of faith as well as the bonds of matrimony.

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