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Christian Rehab: Fighting Addiction with Faith

Christian RehabAnyone who has been mired in addiction knows that sometimes turning your life around can seem impossible.  Addicts often live one day at a time, focusing on when and where they can get their next fix. As it turns out, that same “one-day-at-a-time” mentality is exactly the mindset needed to get sober. Addicts are often under the impression that they can quit abusing alcohol or drugs whenever they want. However, all-too-often addicts find themselves giving up substances only to quickly begin using again. It’s important to understand that sobriety is a long-uphill battle. Though the choice to get sober can be made in a moment, the process of staying sober lasts a lifetime.

It’s okay to ask for help. Christianity is based upon the idea that we can’t go it alone. We must turn to God in order to be redeemed. It’s vital to understand that the right counselors, doctors and spiritual leaders can help enact God’s plan for you. By admitting you need help, and entering a Christian rehab center, you can put your life in the hands of caring individuals, but most importantly, you can put your life in God’s hands.

No matter your spiritual belief system, getting sober requires faith. Just as Jesus was tested for 40 days in the dessert and Moses was tested for 40 years, your rehabilitation process will be a test of your will. But just as Jesus and Moses drew upon their spirituality to conquer tribulations, so can you draw upon your faith to triumph over your addictions once and for all.

Remember that your faith gives you an advantage. Whether or not you have family and friends to offer you support, you can always turn to God in your darkest moments. The comfort and support afforded to you by your faith in God should always be a source of strength. It’s for that reason that Christian rehab programs can be so effective. Rather than sweeping your beliefs under the rug, it’s vital to be around people who want to help you strengthen your relationship to God. In addition to receiving help from other Christians, you will have the opportunity to be like the Good Samaritan, and help fellow Christians strengthen the bonds of their faith.

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