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Whitney Houston’s Tragic Death is a Teachable Moment

On February 11, 2012 Whitney Houston was found dead, submerged in the bathtub waters of her fourth floor suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Ca. It’s suspected that Houston’s death is related to consumption of alcohol and drugs—demons that the R&B ingénue had battled for years.

One of the most treacherous aspects of prescription drug and alcohol addiction is the fact that these substances are legal, prevalent and easy to acquire.  Since alcohol is legal and prescription drugs are prescribed by doctors for a reason, they can carry additional allure. Since they lack the illicit quality of street drugs they are more socially acceptable.

Ms. Houston was poised for a comeback, recently wrapping, as both star and producer, the movie “Sparkle” slated for an August release. But the stress of her career, her struggle with addiction and the upcoming awards show seem to have set the stage for the gifted singer’s untimely death.

Whitney Houston’s life feels like a concert that ended far too soon. When such a public figure succumbs to their demons, it can inspire feelings of anguish and loss among fans. But public tragedies often present us with teachable moments, in which hard lessons can hopefully be learned.

In an infamous 2002 interview, Diane Sawyer confronted Houston regarding rumors of her drug use. The singer admitted to indulging in marijuana, cocaine, alcohol and prescription drugs. When asked by Sawyer to name which drug was the biggest devil for her, Ms. Houston took accountability for her own decisions and replied, “That would be me. It’s me deciding; it’s my heart; it’s what I want.”

Whitney Houston acknowledged how difficult it can be to beat addiction, though she also believed that God could have a role in helping people beat addiction. “I talk to people who have been through rehab, and a lot of people that come through it, come through it with God.” The singer said.

God can play a powerful role in Christian substance abuse treatment. However, the prevalence of alcohol and prescription drugs can elongate the road to recovery. One does not need fame and fortune to encounter stress—daily life is full of stressful factors. Treatment is often required for people to understand how to safely use prescription medication and avoid the temptations of alcohol abuse.

It’s impossible to know what might have happened had Whitney Houston taken control of her life and conquered her addictions back in 2002. Though it is too late for her to get the help she so desperately needed, perhaps her death can be a reminder that even those of us who are rich, famous and talented can be casualties of substance abuse.

Taking the step to treat addiction requires a tremendous amount of strength. A strong relationship with God can help, but successful treatment often requires professional help. In a Christian Rehabilitation center, you can get the help that you need while also strengthening your relationship with God.

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