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Christian’s Overcoming Anxiety

Are you dreading your alarm clock going off because you have to go to church or work? Have you found yourself afraid of going to worship or church?  Do your friends, family members and coworker constantly tell you to STOP WORRYING?  You are not alone according to the National Institute of Mental Health  over 40 million people have anxiety.

Christians are experiencing an infectious anxiety epidemic, too. But medical studies have shown much of what we worry most about is needless anxiety.  According to research 40% of our worries never happen, 30% we worry about is from the past and can’t be changed, 12% is we worry about the criticism from others and much of it is untrue, 10% we worry about our health issues which actually are worse than they appear, and, when we worry it will lead to stress resulting into many illnesses. Only 8% of what we worry about is real problems we have to face; so 92% are needless anxiety. So, we need to cast out 100% of our anxiety to God.

Everybody worries about something these days, we worry about the weather, climate changes, global warming, purity of water to drink, money, children, business, price increases, work, health,  war on terrorism, relationships, security etc., all these worries threaten us; the body becomes tense, the muscles tighten, you feel  its deadly result. When we worry it results in heartburn, high blood pressures, nervous breakdown and depression. Some of the visible symptoms of anxiety are restlessness, irritability, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, lack of concentration and sleeplessness.

Worry is anxiety over circumstances beyond our control, it is based on our fear that God is not in control of our lives. It is self-inflicted panic; it is the opposite of confidence in God. This definition of anxiety isn’t from a medical journal but it describes anxiety in a way you can understand:

Anxiety is a growing dread in your gut, thinking something bad may happen. The Bibles word for anxiety is to divide or distract; it is fear or perceived threat.  It is an inability to do something about a problem. Worry and anxiety is like a rocking chair, it may be doing you something when you’re sitting in the chair, but you’re going nowhere with it. Anxiety originates within ourselves, the feeling itself is dominant and robs our peace of mind. It generates inner conflict and our thinking becomes indecisive. It disturbs our behavior, even when things seem to get better, still it lingers.

The scriptures teach us that sin not only causes separation between God and Man (Psalms 66:18) but sin causes anxiety in the heart of the believer. According to David (Psalms 38:18) “I am full of anxiety because of my sin “.

In 1 Peter 5:6-7 it says “Humble yourselves therefore under God’s mighty hand that He may lift you up in due time, cast all your anxiety on Him for He cares for you. This is a powerful statement that cannot be ignored. Many of us are suffering from emotional overload, like Job in the Bible. He suffered severe anxiety. In single day he lost his fortune, family, health. He described his anxiety like a churning inside that never stops, day and night, suffering confronted him.  If Job knew that God will reward him double portion of what he lost, maybe the inner turmoil wouldn’t have been as difficult to handle.

Dr. Paul Carlson, a Christian Psychiatrist believes some individuals are more prone to worry than others by virtue of their emotional and psychological make-up. Some have a way of coping, but majority worry because they are uncertain that God really cares.

Worry is needless because God is faithful on His provision; He is always available when you put your trust in Him. The problem with a worrier person is that their eyes focus on their anxiety and they lose sight of God’s magnitude and greatness. Remember that God is all Powerful and sufficient to meet your needs. He never intended us to be prisoners on our fears and worry. Do something about your anxiety, allow yourself to break out. When we are full of anxiety, cast all your cares to God, He is willing to bear your heavy loads. Remember God is in control and you will discover the comfort of the Holy Spirit in a way that brings peace to your troubled heart.

Click here (http://psychcentral.com/quizzes/anxiety.htm) for a link with an anxiety pre screening quiz. If you score was higher than 22 on the pre screening quiz you need Christian HELP. Don’t handle your anxiety alone get help today so you can be free tomorrow.


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