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Adult’s Having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Have you ever found yourself distracted in church, lost your place in the reading or just couldn’t pay attention to the sermon. Maybe you’re not bored or tired. It’s possible that you have ADHD which stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. In Proverbs 7:24, God commands his children to “listen to me; pay attention to what I say.” When your focus begins to consistently deter from God and his purpose for your life, along with other major distractions, there is a major possibility you are plagued with ADHD. Habitual forgetfulness another common indicator of ADHD in many Americans; we all forget our keys, forget to grab some extra cash, forget the Sunday sermon. But do not let this illness infiltrate and impede your walk with God. Scripture acknowledges our susceptibility to absentmindedness. We are advised in Deuteronomy 6: 8-9 to remember God’s commandments, to “tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.  Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.” Have these practical diagnoses fallen to the wayside? Are you drowning in these symptoms and others, such as procrastination, disorganization, or the inability to participate in quiet or serene activities? You are not alone.

Over 12 million Americans experience some form of this problem which can affect their lives in many ways, at home with your family, at work, at school, nearly everywhere. Many American are wrestling with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and don’t even realize it.  Adults with ADHD have problems with being inattention with people and everyday jobs. Their thoughts are bouncing around all over the place and can’t seem to focus. ADHD can affect everything they do. It can cause the adult to make careless mistakes at work; often has difficulty sustain attention in relationships or tasks. Frequently they don’t finish tasks or follow through on instructions.  They are easily distracted by “zoning out” in a middle of a conversation.

Signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:

Here is a link with an ADHD pre screening quiz click here.

How is ADHD treated in adults?

At this time available treatments center on reducing the symptoms of ADHD and improving functioning. Treatment includes medicine, various types of psychotherapy, training or education, or mixture of treatments.

Biblical teaching concerning the issue of attentiveness which is:

If you encounter any of these signs, don’t wait in till you lose something you love.  Get help today and save what you love.

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  1. Thomas says:

    I’m glad to see other Christians taking an active interest in this debilitating disorder. Just for clarification, let me say that there is also an ADHD inattentive type which is the above without the hyperactivity. It does not get diagnosed as often because it is harder to detect behaviorally and many times is masked by depression. It should be said that while we can point to verses that talk about our tendency to forget, this is not the same forgetting as in ADHD. The distraction in this disorder is not the distraction of so-called “worldly temptations” from our spiritual walk. The Biblical authors did not know about attentional disorders like we do today, so they cannot be referring to the same thing. The problem here is under activation of the prefrontal cortex of the brain and, in other cases, problems in the temporal and limbic regions of the brain. Christians should not feel guilty because they get distracted from outwardly spiritual religious activities. It is not your fault and SPECT scans reveal that the more you try to pay attention, the worse it will get. Instead, I would say that you need to remember that God meets you where you’re at. If you find traditional Christian spiritual disciplines boring then use your creativity to spice things up. Write poetry to God instead of traditional prayers. Paint pictures that express your understanding and perception of God. Instead of going to a church service every week, take off with a few fellow believers and just meditate on the Lord in the midst of the great outdoors. Don’t be afraid of doing it “wrong.” It’s the heart that matters and not everybody connects with God the same way. If other Christians tell you that those aren’t proper ways to know God, too bad for them. That legalism is their problem, not yours. Don’t let anyone make you think you’re not committed or surrendered enough or all the other guilt trips people lay on each other. You’re not lazy nor are you disobedient. You’re just different, that’s all. God made your brain different and so you have to accept that and be creative to do the best you can with what you got! God bless you in your Journey into the Father’s Heart!

    Thomas C., M.A., Psy.D student (current)

    • Utchay says:

      Hi thomas, thanks a lot . This has been very encouraging.

    • Debbie says:

      THANK YOU. Today I was super discouraged. I was explaining to a friend, that after daily prayers for focus, arriving to work early and staying late to check & recheck my work..it simply takes me longer. after almost 5 months on the job I am still making the same mistakes. I struggling whether to tell my boss, I recently moved to this state and can only get my meds via a neurologist and cant’ get an appt for about 6 weeks. I am doing all the natural things possible, protein shakes, exercise, have not mastered meditation. My boss must think I am an idiot.. she knows I am a little hard on myself and my anxiety is showing up. So I thank you for validation. I have always done better reading my Bible in nature ( at the beach or park) and have just recently released my self of the guilt of a traditional church. Thanks you Thank you for the encouragement – hope.. I was starting to feel hopeless again.

    • Larry Simon says:

      That was very helpful , and I enjoyed reading it. Thankyou!

    • Lois says:

      this is a really helpful response. I particularly like the idea of writing poetry to God. Thank you!

  2. gd says:

    That was very encouraging advice – thank you for it!

  3. Tm says:

    I’ve learned the hard way with many late diagnosis such as adhd and clinical depression to separate the symptoms from character. For example, all the major symptoms from clinical double depression (like adhd) can easily be judged as character flaws or sins rather than symptoms of a disorder. Here is the key point- depression/adhd/etc., is what you have – not who you are. Once I realized that, much progress has been made, especially in depression where it is a vivacious cycle when others or oneself puts way more condemnation, shame or judgement that is not meant to be there.

    Grace and love covers many more things we simply do not know or understand in others.

  4. Sue says:

    Good article. Even better comment Thomas!!!! YES!
    I have been struggling with God. I, like people with ADHD and without have moments of distance from God. So, this along with my general frustration with ADHD has been leading me to meditate on the very point you brought up, God created me the way I am, He must know just how difficult it is “to be still and know I am God”. Just like you say in your comment. Exactly, Christians with ADHD need to find ways to be in relationship with God that may not exactly fit the outline presented by the preacher on Sunday. You know the dude I’m talking about, the one who was able to sit riveted through hours and hours of lectures in order to get his PHD in Divinity. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Tom Carter says:

    Discovering this late in life is devastating. Always thought I was unspiritual and lazy. God has intervened and now I look at my life at the AMAZING MERCY of God in my life. Instead of YOU NEVER MEASURED UP TO YOUR POTENTIAL it is Lord, your mercy and grace has sustained me – THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED THROUGH ME. I am forever grateful

    • Cyril Manyoni says:

      Tom, my heart echoes your comment. Add to that being in a country (South Africa) that is just waking up to the notion of ADHD as a real medical/mental condition. the “…MEASURED UP TO YOUR POTENTIAL..” part. once again, thanks

      • Tom Carter says:

        Woke up this morning and typed in ADHD and Christians. Went through the comments and was surprised to find a comment from me a year and a half ago. Is that ADD or what. Moved from a place that I had a ADHD SUPPORT group and a great church. Realize that I keep running so people don’t find out how weak and messed up I really am. So tired of trying to measure up. So tired of running from job to job. Can’t run any more. Father, wipe away these tears – take away the pain. Take away the fear. So tired of sharing this weakness and listening to “You – that can’t be – or just be more grateful” Tired of expending so much energy trying to hide it and I don’t even realize I’m doing so. Father – desperate for you. I’m not coming to you any more to make my Christian life more prosperous and comfortable. I just need you. I can make it with your presence. Without it I’m not sure. Your Son

    • Lawrence Newton says:

      Thank you Johnathan for posting the subject and Thomas for the understanding that rescues from a selection of verses that beat on me hard when I read them. It is amazing how much release I found just reading these words. I have found it so hard to focus even one of the lengthy prayers. Lord, I want the pastors words to hold in my head and rest in my heart so I can be assured of my oneness with the body but I can’t seem to hold focus to even one. Surely it seems not even one.
      I love the word of the Lord and the Body, I know I believe but am bombarded from so many fronts with doubt in my faith. I can’t expect people to understand what is and isn’t going right or wrong in my head, I don’t want to cause disruptions in peoples lives, and I am sensitive to the concerns of parents over the exposure to their children of an adult that has these behaviors, but I feel like Bill Bixby on the hulk show of the 70’s, knowing I can’t stay in any one place with any one group of people because, well, . . .the Hulk and all.

  6. Naeja says:

    I have made many horrible decisions in my life due to me having adhd. Im very impulsive… Ive fallen in and out of the church ive gotten really sick bc of an incurable std that i didnt realize i had including get an fungal infection.which made my sit. worse. Ive never felt spiritual or could hear God talking to me. Im very impulsive with food and i overeat which makes my sickness worse. I had been feeling like i was going to die and that God left me bc i started binge eating again… Tried to find ways of healing through reiki crystals voodoo and stop trusting God altogether bc i continued to fall and didn’t feel anyone there to help me up again. Im just trying to fig. Out why he let me fall so low and didnt keep me like hes kept other ppl with this illness and it feels like hes given up on me altogether cus i always have some kind of addiction this time it just so happen to be food. And not so great food at that.

  7. Val says:

    I see these symptoms in myself. I am struggling with “quiet time.” I have struggled with this for years…trying to focus on praying, reading, listening to what God says. When people say to just pray and read the Bible, I don’t know where to turn. I start with one devotional, don’t “get anything” and turn to another. I’m so distracted. I need a plan but can’t decide which one would be best! Any suggestions?

  8. Claudia Gabor says:

    I very much agree with the fact that God meets us where we are. However, this does not excuse anyone from the responsibility of seeking God according to his established principles. In Christ and in his church, there is the power of God through the Holy Spirit. There is hope, joy, healing, blessings, abundant life. Bring them to faith in Christ, and make them part of His church.

  9. AJ says:

    So it looks my ADD is sending me straight to hell…

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