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Ketamine, dubbed “Special K” by partygoers, leaves users incontinent

Ketamine, a drug utilized by Veterinarians during surgery, reportedly causes pelvic pain and urinary incontinency among club goers that abuse the drug to get high. Ketamine, called “Special K” by partygoers, was found to cause reduced bladder capacity even in those whose use was considered to be less frequent. The drug is sought after by its abusers because of the sense of euphoria and disconnection it affords. Dr. Siu-king Mak, the Hong Kong coordinator of the andrology section with the Hong Kong Urological Association, and associates, questioned 66 male and female users ages 13 to 25 with at least a two-year history of recreational use of the drug. Their findings were released at the annual meeting of the American Urological Association.

“Ketamine is not that uncommon as a drug of abuse among young people,” he said. “Even though its use should be restricted to veterinary situations requiring anesthesia, young people do get a hold of it, and inject it intramuscularly and get high. So it is a significant issue… Now, it is unusual to have people abusing it as frequently and to the degree reported in this study,” Galanter said. “So this finding concerns a select population. But there are certainly people where this kind of complication might come into play.” Click here to read more about this study.

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