By On October 27th, 2010

I’m not on drugs!

According to findings from a recent study published in the January issue of Pediatrics, teenagers may not admit to drug use even in the face of an impending drug test. According to Virginia Delaney-Black, MD, MPH, of Wayne State University and Children’s Hospital of Michigan, and colleagues, the study of over 400 at risk teens found that only one percent actually admitted to cocaine use, even when faced with an impending drug test, whereas 33.7% tested positive for cocaine use. Opiate use was associated with similar rates of denial. Marijuana, however, was not associated with significant rates of denial due to unreliability of drug testing. Understanding that teenagers are likely to give a socially acceptable answer about drug use despite an impending drug test is important; it is an indication of the likelihood of teenagers to tell the truth during pediatric physician screenings. It also indicates a possible lack of reliability related to adolescent studies surrounding drug use where self-reports are utilized. Click here to read an article from US News and Word Report that discusses this study more.

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