By On September 14th, 2010

Heart disease with depression increases mortality risk five-fold

A study recently reported online in Heart reveals that the mortality risk for patients with both heart disease and depression is much higher than with either of the two conditions alone. According to Hermann Nabi, PhD, of the University of Versailles, France, and colleagues, patients with depression alone have 2.10 times the risk of all-cause mortality; patients with coronary heart disease alone have an elevated risk of all-cause mortality of 67%. However, patients with both heart disease and depression have nearly a five-fold risk (hazard ratio 4.99, P<0.001) of all-cause mortality compared to people with neither of the two conditions. The researchers explained that how the two conditions interact to increase mortality risk is not clear; however, the need for intervention in patients with both conditions is very clear. “A major implication of these results is the need for healthcare professionals to pay more attention to depression in their cardiac patients,” they said. Click here to read an article from the BBC that discusses this study more.

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