By On September 7th, 2010

Acamprosate and therapy help to prevent alcohol relapse

A German study reported in the Cochrane Library has found modest increases in successful abstinence from alcohol after detox when using acamprosate (Campral). Acamprosate, which is one of three agents approved by the FDA for treating alcohol dependence, was significantly more successful than placebo in reducing risk of a return to drinking (relative risk 0.86, 95% confidence interval 0.81 to 0.91). The number of acamprosate needed to help prevent relapse was 9.09 on average for one patient; this regiment was added to psychosocial therapy. “Even though the sizes of treatment effects appear to be rather moderate in their magnitude, they should be valued against the background of the relapsing nature of alcoholism and the limited therapeutic options currently available for its treatment,” Susanne Rösner, PhD, of the Psychiatric Hospital at the University of Munich, Germany, and colleagues wrote in the review. Click here to read an article from Science Centric that discusses this study more.

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