By On April 16th, 2010

Smoking ban lowers hospital admissions

Findings from a Toronto based study found an association between smoking bans in restaurants and hospital admissions; specifically, admissions for respiratory and cardiovascular conditions declined by 30 to 40% in a community in Toronto where the ban was in place. There was not a decline in hospital admissions in areas observed where smoking bans were not in place; additionally, other areas that did enforce the ban saw no decrease in related hospital admissions. Commenting, Alisa Naiman, MD, of the University of Toronto, and colleagues, wrote “Our results serve to expand the list of health outcomes that may be ameliorated by smoking bans… further research is needed to establish the types of settings in which smoking bans are most effective. Our results lend legitimacy to efforts to further reduce public exposure to tobacco smoke.” Click here to read an article from Business Week that discusses this study more.

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