By On March 12th, 2010

Talking therapy may provide lasting back pain relief

According to a study recently reported online in the Lancet, individuals with chronic or acute lower back pain may find help through group cognitive behavioral therapy. After one year individuals that had participated in a group that focused on behaviors and beliefs about exercise in relationship to back pain had significantly greater improvements in both disabilities scores and in measures for pain. According to Sarah E. Lamb, DPhil, of the University of Warwick, and colleagues, “effective treatments that result in sustained improvements for lower back pain are illusive‚Ķ however, this trail shows that a bespoke cognitive behavioral intervention package is effective in managing subacute and chronic low back pain in primary care.” The trail consisted of 701 patients with a mean age of 54 that were recruited from 56 different general practices.¬†Click here to read an article from ABC News that discusses this study more.

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