By On March 11th, 2010

Fish oil may lessen psychotic episodes

According to findings from a small randomized clinical trail reported in the February¬†Archives of General Psychiatry, high risk psychiatric patients were less likely to have psychotic episodes when taking daily regiments of fish oil (omega-3 poly unsaturated fatty acids- PUFA’s). According to the study, less than five percent of patients that took fish oil had psychotic episodes compared to 25% of patients that did not take the omega 3 fatty acid. According to the researchers, the W-3 PUFAs, which come from fish oil, reduced positive, negative and general symptoms when compared to placebo. The researchers recruited patients in the age range of 13 to 25 who met diagnostic criteria for one of three groups of high risk: transient psychosis, patients with decrease in functioning, and patients with attenuated positive psychotic symptoms. According to the authors, “these criteria comprise a combination of traits and state factors that identify people whose risk of becoming psychotic may approach 40% within a 12 month period.”¬†Click here to read an article from About.com that discusses this study more.

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