By On February 3rd, 2010

Fish Oil to the Rescue

According to a study published in the February Archives of General Psychiatry, high risk psychiatric patients were less likely to have psychotic episodes when taking fish oil / omega-3 (w-3) polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). The small randomized clinical trial found that less than 5% of patients that were given fish oil had psychotic episodes, compared to 25% of patients who were given placebo. The authors of the study relayed the obvious; a preventative measure with such little risk to the patient should be seriously considered despite the need for further research. According to G. Paul Amminger, MD, of the Medical University of Vienna in Austria, and co-authors, “The present trial strongly suggests that w-3 PUFAs may offer a viable prevention and treatment strategy with minimal associated risk in young people at ultra-high risk of psychosis, which should be further explore… [fish oil] is an ideal candidate for indicated prevention in young people at risk of psychosis, in whom the use of antipsychotic medication is controversial.” Click here to read an article from the BBC that discusses this study more.

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