By On January 13th, 2010

50% reduction of antipsychotic drug use among older patients with dementia

According to information reported in the January Archives of Internal Medicine, doctors have decreased the instance of prescribing antipsychotic drugs to older patients with dementia after warnings from the FDA. According to the investigators, from 2004 to 2008 the use of antipsychotic drugs among older patients with dementia decreased by 50%; however, a review of antipsychotic drug use during the same period revealed that aging patients with dementia still accounted for 10% of those prescribed this type of drug. According to  E. Ray Dorsey, MD, of the University of Rochester in New York, and colleagues, “Without clinical data, the appropriateness of this use is uncertain… targeting specific segments of patients and physicians and further customizing and evaluating the impact of regulatory actions may improve their impact at minimizing the risks associated with select prescription medications.” Click here to read an article from Business Week that discusses these findings more.

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