By On December 31st, 2009

Sleep duration in adolescents related to depression

According to a study reported in the January 1st issue of Sleep, duration of sleep in adolescents may be related to the development of depression. According to the cross-sectional analysis, less sleep not only correlated to the development of depression in adolescents but was also found to be associated with a greater risk of suicidal thoughts. According to James Gangwisch, PhD, of Columbia University in New York City, “this study lends support to the idea that short sleep duration can be a risk factor for depression as opposed to simply being a symptom of depression… in the event that a clinician comes into contact with an adolescent who does suffer from depression, that’s an area that they would want to delve into — is the adolescent getting adequate sleep.” Click here to read an article from Medpage Today that discusses this study more.

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