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Gifting Obligations, Savory Sensations, Family Location, Celebratory Concoctions and so forth… (Pt 4)

With regards to emotional and physical health during the holidays it’s also important to recognize that many people, whether it’s because of their family being in another state, the loss of loved one’s, or due to familial problems, do not have an abundance of people to celebrate with during the holidays. I think that this is a twofold scenario wherein action is concerned. On the part of an individual who is isolated during the holidays, it is important to stay connected. One Tulsa church opens up its Bible school facility every year during Thanksgiving so that individuals without family to celebrate with can do so in context of the church body. If you do not belong to a church invite some friends to your house for the holidays. The holidays are laden with deep-seated traditions of delectable delights and everyone loves to eat. Invite a friend or two and you’ll be surprised how many people accept your invitation.

Alternatively, you could give of your time to someone else, and there is always someone who has more to complain about than you, whoever you are. Take your time to volunteer at the local shelter to serve meals during Christmas and Thanksgiving, or anytime for that matter. Buy some winter wears as you can afford; even some dollar mittens from Wal-Mart would be worth the sentiment; distribute them to the homeless. Make a few calls to the elderly and windows and wish them a Merry Christmas. Visit a local nursing home and offer to sing some Christmas carols. In general, it’s good to connect with others in various forms during the holidays.

The flip side of the coin is directed to those who have an abundance of family and friends to celebrate the holidays with; these should heighten their awareness of those that are isolated during the holidays. Take the time and put some effort into thinking about those that you may know that do not have anyone to celebrate with. Invite them to your house for dinner. Invite them to your New Year’s celebration. Invite them over Christmas morning and buy them a small gift. If it ruffles anyone’s feathers, just know that their feathers would have been ruffled anyway by a variety of other circumstances. I believe that the majority of people who are part of a given seasonal clique would appreciate your warm heartedness. Ultimately, however, whether you’re the type of person that’s inundated with family during the holidays or one that’s relatively isolated this time of year, make sure to connect with people in a real and tangible way. Allow yourself to be somewhat vulnerable and inconvenienced by someone else. In the end, I think you will look back and be glad that you did.

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