By On November 18th, 2009

Low fat diet easier on one’s mood

In the world of dieting, not necessarily the world of proper nutrition, there has been much to do about low-carb and no carb dieting. The traditional approach of lowering one’s calories and fat intake has often been set aside in the minds of individuals who have looked to the low-carb solution. However, findings from a study published in the November 9th issue of Archives of Internal Medicine suggest that cutting back on fat in one’s diet, not carbs, may actually make dieting more tolerable, preventing nasty mood swings. According to the study, during a one year period of observation, individuals adhering to a low fat diet verses a low carb diet had lower instance of hostility, depression, confusion and overall “bad mood.”  According to the researchers, “some aspects of the low-carbohydrate diet may have had detrimental effects on mood that, over the term of one year, negated any positive effects of weight loss.” Click here to read an article from OregonLive.com that discusses these findings more.

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