By On August 6th, 2009

Prolonged grief disorder associated with a variety of functional impairments

According to findings from a study recently published online in PLoS Medicine, prolonged grief disorder has been proven to be associated with a variety of functional impairments to include increased rates of suicidal ideation and behavior, cancer, immunological dysfunction, hypertension, cardiac events, functional impairments, hospitalization, and adverse health behaviors. The diagnosis has yet to make it into the DSM-V; however, some argue that, due to the duration and intensity of psychological distress, as well as the level of functional impairment associated with prolonged grief disorder, inclusion is warranted in forthcoming versions of the DSM. According to the researchers, “it is… a distinct mental disorder on the grounds that it is a clinically significant form of psychological distress associated with substantial disability.” Click here to read more about this study.

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