By On July 7th, 2009

Lay-offs may spark suicides & murders

Researchers at Oxford may have found an association between rising unemployment and murders / suicide. The study, which was reported online in The Lancet, found that for every 1% of increased unemployment there was a .79% increase in suicide and homicide among 26 European Union countries. The researchers commented that these findings could have implications for public health policy and that “…adverse health effects on suicides were mitigated when investments in active labor market programs were high.” On a positive note, although there is no clinical information to back this up, it may be true that regardless of the increased rates of suicide and homicide overall health may, or at least could, actually be unaffected or slightly improved. For instance, people that are involved in an economic downturn are more likely to walk instead of drive, are more likely to consume less alcohol and are less likely to overindulge in foods; if nothing else engaging in these activities is good advice. Click here to read an article from Medpage Today that discusses the study more.

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