By On June 11th, 2009

‘Improved’ test for Alzheimer’s

A new Alzheimer’s test that was designed to be user friendly and quick (a one page double sided test) turns out to be extremely accurate. The TYM (Test Your Memory) test detected Alzheimer’s in 93% of patients according to a cross-sectional study. Jeremy Brown, M.D., and colleagues at Addenbrookes’s Hospital in Cambridge, England, relayed that the Mini-Mental States Examination (MMSE) conversely detected only 52% of Alzheimer’s patients. According to the authors, although many tests are available ” …none meets the three critical requirements for widespread use by a nonspecialist — that is, take minimal operator time to administer, test a reasonable range of cognitive functions, and (be) sensitive to mild Alzheimer’s disease.” The results were published online in the British Medical Journal. Click here to read an article from the Times Online that discusses the findings further.

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