By On May 5th, 2009

Bullied Kids More Likely To Have Psychotic Symptoms Later

It is well-known that traumatic events can cause serious emotional problems later in life. What has not been discussed as greatly, however, is the affects of child peer victimization on one’s mental health as an adult. According to findings from a study recently published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, children who are bullied possess a greatly increased risk for adult psychotic symptoms. Specifically, children who were victimized by peers were twice as likely to have adolescent or adult psychotic symptoms; in children who were exposed to chronic and severe bullying the association was four and a half times stronger. The authors of the study commenting on the findings stated, “”We found that bullying victimization is a moderate to strong predictor of psychotic symptoms… these results support emerging evidence about a relationship between peer victimization and psychotic experiences from cross-sectional or retrospective studies.” This study is part of a small emerging body of evidence that links childhood peer victimization to later psychotic symptoms. Click here to read an article from Insider Medicine that discusses the findings more.

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