By On April 22nd, 2009

Relief oriented use of marijuana by teens

Almost a third of teenagers in a small Canada based study reported using cannabis for the relief of health problems. The study examined results from 63 in-depth interviews with teenagers ages 13-18 who reported smoking cannabis regularly, rather than socially or recreationally. The study, published online in Substance Abuse, Treatment, Prevention and Policy, found that 20 of the 63 teenagers interviewed use the drug to manage issues of anxiety, stress, depression, and difficulty sleeping. Researchers commented on the findings relaying that teens may believe that cannabis is “…the only available alternative for those experiencing difficult health problems when legitimate medical treatments have failed or when they lack access to appropriate healthcare.” The therapeutic users were “…adamant and confident that marijuana provided relief from their health problems,” the researchers said. Click here to read an article from the UK Telegraph that discusses the findings more.

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