By On April 17th, 2009

Effects of meth use during pregnancy

Prenatal methamphetamine exposure harms brain development, particularly in white matter, according to findings from a study recently published online in Neurology. According to the findings, prenatal meth use accounts for up to a 4% reduction in specific white matter areas of the brain and a lower diffusion of molecules throughout all regions of the brain. The increases in fractional anisotropy that are expected in normal brain development were not seen in children who were exposed to meth prenatal. Researchers commenting on the study’s findings stated, “such abnormal brain development may account for the slower maturation of behavioral measures observed in neonates with prenatal methamphetamine exposure… methamphetamine is one of the drugs that’s very difficult for pregnant moms to quit as compared to many of the other drugs like cocaine.” Click here to read an article from Reuters UK that discusses this issue more.

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