By On April 15th, 2009

Pot and tobacco smoking are a bad combination

Recent findings published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal have found that individuals who smoke both marijuana and tobacco have a significantly increased risk for COPD. The study, authored by Wan Cheng Tan, M.D., of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and colleagues, found that smoking marijuana alone did not significantly increase risk in their sample population; the authors of the study did mention that this does not rule out marijuana as a risk for COPD as their observational study was too small to rule out this association. Individuals who used marijuana and tobacco concurrently were shown to have a risk ratio of 2.39, and a 95% confidence interval from 1.58 to 3.62. The authors did comment on the limitations of the study stating, “we lacked data on possible variations in the potency of marijuana smoked over a participant’s lifetime, on individual differences in method of inhalation used by smokers of only tobacco and by smokers of both tobacco and marijuana, on the proportion of smokers who combine marijuana and tobacco in the same cigarette, and on the concomitant use of other illegal drugs.” Click here to read an article from InsiderMedicine.com that discusses the study’s findings more.

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