By On March 31st, 2009

Multiple births equal increased postpartum depression risk

New light is being shed on the connection between multiple births and postpartum risk, a greatly understudied topic. According to findings published in the April issue of Pediatrics, mothers that give birth to twins, triplets, and beyond, are at an increased risk of postpartum depression. According to Yoonjoung Choi, Dr.P.H., of Johns Hopkins University, and colleagues, mothers who birthed multiple babies have a 43% increase in risk for depressive symptoms nine months post delivery. Multiple birth rates have increased rapidly over the last couple of decades. However, alarmingly, only about a quarter of multiple birth mothers indicated that they spoke with a mental health professional about symptoms of depression; there is no excuse for this occurrence. “Mothers of multiple births have more regular contact with healthcare providers throughout the pre-pregnancy, prenatal, and postpartum periods, which allows ample opportunities for healthcare providers to educate women about depression,” the authors of the study stated. Click here to read an article from CNN that discusses the study more.

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