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An encouraging word: Celebrate Recovery continues to expand

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered support group for those that are struggling with hurts, hang-ups, and addictions. Many churches have adopted this support program as a safe-haven for those seeking out support or that may be in need of resources related to their unique situations. It is exciting to see that all over the United States groups like these are emerging increasingly in churches and growing immensely individually. The following is an excerpt of a story I picked up on out of a news service in lower Columbia about a church that is drawing in the masses through serving as a support for individuals with addictions:

“Three years ago, I was strung out on meth so bad I didn’t know which way was up,” says Perry, 43.

“I was in and out of jail so much it was crazy. It was a revolving door. By virtue of Jesus, I no longer struggle with methamphetamine.”

Perry’s story is typical among the members of Celebrate Recovery at the Columbia Heights Assembly of God. The church recently marked its second anniversary of hosting the program, a 12-step recovery process with a Christian emphasis. The program welcomes people struggling with drug or alcohol abuse and also those with relationship and gambling problems. Relatives of members may attend, too.

Although traditional 12-step programs encourage members to remain anonymous, Celebrate Recovery does not.

The program, offered at three local churches, follows a national model. Celebrate Recovery began 16 years ago at the Saddleback Church in Orange County, Calif. which was founded by now-celebrity pastor Rick Warren.

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