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Alcohol-use disorders: A wake-up call

According to an early online publication presented by Marc A. Schuckit, M.D., alcohol-use disorders can cause, and are associated with, a number of alarming problems. According to the study, alcohol-use disorders are associated with depression, suicide, anxiety issues, abuse of other drugs, and insomnia. Heavy alcohol use additionally shortens the onset of stroke, heart disease, cancers, and liver cirrhosis. Heavy drinking is also the cause of decreased bone density, lessened blood cell production, fetal alcohol syndrome, short term cognitive deficits, gastrointestinal problems, peripheral neuropathy, anterograde amnesias, and some sleep problems. That is certainly a long list of direct contributions and associates; hopefully long enough to be a wake-up call for some. Dr. Schuckit suggests that physicians actively and routinely screen patients for alcohol abuse. Happily, if detected, there a variety of treatment options for those affected by alcohol-use disorders to include detoxification, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and medications to reduce cravings.

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