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Alcohol advisement should be included in talks surrounding sex education

According to a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Sheffield, UK, alcohol advisement should be included in talks surrounding sex education. According to the study, which divided groups of boys and groups of girls in to various focus groups, girls are more likely to be aware of the social complexities surrounding sex whereas boys are not, to be expected; surprisingly, however, some boys that participated in the focus groups found aggressive attitudes, the use of alcohol, and even physical persuasion to be appropriate in order to gain the opportunity to engage in sexual relations. Some boys in the focus groups described alcohol as a useful tactic to persuade a girl to have sex.

Traditional talks surrounding sexual education do not include the subject of alcohol. However, considering these findings, it would appear that not including advice about alcohol during sexual education talks could hold serious consequences. The following is an excerpt of an article from Medical News Today that discusses the study more:

Alcohol and attitudes are two of the key factors that health professionals need to be aware of when they are dealing with sexually active teenagers.

Researchers from the University of Sheffield, UK, found considerable differences between the way that boys and girls aged 14 to 16 viewed a series of sexual scenarios.

“The girls who took part in our focus groups were more likely to see their partner’s point of view and were more aware of the complex nature of relationships than the boys” says nurse researcher Dr Mark Hayter.

Ten focus groups were held with 35 teenagers who had accessed nurse-led sexual health outreach clinics for contraception. These clinics are often held in conjunction with youth clubs in areas where teenage pregnancy rates are high.

The participants were presented with a series of scenarios – a girl and a boy both reluctant to have sex, a girl who had had a numbers of partners and a girl who felt pressured to have sex because her friends had paired off with two boys leaving her with a third.

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