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“Cell Groups: Small Groups Surrounding Specialized Topics”

Some of you that have picked up on the Renewal Blog may have noticed something thematic about our minister’s seminars as of late. Our past two seminars (one in June and the other in August, click here for more information) have been an exploration of structured support groups affiliated with non-profit organizations that provide guidance and materials. In particular, a long time Oklahoma based church support program called Overcomers and the nationwide, and perhaps more well-known, Celebrate Recovery have been explored.

While church based support groups do not provide treatment for behavioral health problems or addictions they do provide a great place for individuals to “plug-in” to a Christ-centered, caring community where they can find suggestions for referral for treatment, support and encouragement to stay the course, and an alternative to negative influences that may have perpetuated their problem (as in the case of addictions). Additionally, groups like this add new vibrancy and livelihood to churches that are seeking ways to expand their boarders, to experience more diversity within their congregation. Bible based church support groups cause church growth and help meet the fellowship needs of those in the immediate community that may be struggling with one of life’s many pitfalls.

The dynamic created by church support groups is of great importance; as such, Brookhaven’s Renewal Christian Care Program is hosting a seminar for pastors and lay leaders on October 30th from 1145am to 100pm to discuss the facilitating of such groups within a similar, but more open and flexible construct. Join us as Maria Younger, LPC, and Phil Brown, VCC support Pastor, discuss: “Cell Groups: Small Groups Surrounding Specialized Topics.”

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