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First-time Mothers Could Benefit From Postpartum Preparation

Often women are provided with an array of information about the process of giving birth and how to prepare for motherhood; however, issues like postpartum depression generally are less emphasized. Findings from a study recently published in the Journal of Prenatal Education reveal that mothers desire more information on how a newborn will impact their lives. Among the 151 pregnant Australian women enrolled in the study 35% did not feel prepared for the physical aftermath of birth and another 20% did not feel ready for the emotional experience after giving birth. Almost half of the study’s participants commented on postnatal fatigue or depression. Lead author of the study, Margaret Barnes, RN, MA, PhD, commenting stated, “This study demonstrates that new mothers are eager for high-quality, accurate information of what to expect of life with a newborn.” The following is an excerpt of an article from Medical News Today that reviews the study’s findings:

“As a leader in educating women about the mental and physical transitions they will undergo during pregnancy and postpartum, Lamaze International believes a series of childbirth education classes can be vital in preparing new moms,” comments Lamaze International President Allison J. Walsh, IBCLC, LCCE, FACCE. “Classes can empower women to have positive birth experiences and be informed about early parenthood challenges such as breastfeeding, handling fatigue and infant care.”

In addition to childbirth education classes, Lamaze International offers resources for women and their families including The Official Lamaze Guide and, with the support of presenting partner Huggies, Lamaze: Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond magazine, a weekly pregnancy newsletter, Lamazeā€¦Building Confidence Week by Week, and more.

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