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Websites that provide psychology tests

Do you have the time to explore what is going on in your own head? The New York Times has collected a few intriguing websites that provide psychology tests. Some of these tests have been used to collect data about individuals for research purposes; others are simply personal quizzes to gain insight about one’s self. You might just have some fun in the process of completing a couple of these quizzes. Here is some content from a New York Times online article about these psychology test websites:

1. The Stroop Test. A fun test that measures how fast and flexible a thinker you are by using color-coded words.

2. The Worst Sounds. Grab your headset and take this online sound test to find out which sounds bother you the most. You’ll hear snoring, crying babies and nails on the chalkboard.

3. Personality Test. Check out the “I Just Get Myself” personality test. It comprises just 40 easy questions but delivers a surprisingly insightful (at least I thought so) assessment of your personality traits.

4. Memory Test. After a series of numbers appears on the screen, click on a keypad to test your memory.

You can view the rest of the quizzes and article on the New York Times website

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