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Changing the face of depression

73 year old Don Miles, who has been a Pastor at a Lutheran church and a psychologist, suffered from deep depression during his late twenties. As such, he has developed a support group at his church called “Overcoming despair through Christ.” Rev Miles’ deepest depression hit before his conversion to Christ. “I had no Christian background, but one thing I experienced was a deep sense of emptiness that I sensed was a spiritual emptiness,” he said.

Rev Miles acknowledges that Christians go through depression too. Rev Miles is also a part of a national ministry headed by Ruth Graham, daughter of Billy Graham, who herself suffered from severe depression. According to Rev Miles, “Graham… made it safe for Christians not to hide behind their Sunday smiles.” The following is an excerpt of an article from the Rocky Mountain News that discusses Rev Miles and his support group in greater detail:

What? A Christian depressed? God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world – right?

Not always. Enter the Rev. Don Miles, possessed of a wide-ranging career as a Lutheran pastor, psychologist and mental health counselor. At 72, an age when many peers are practicing their golf and hammock swings, Miles keeps limber by counseling Christians with depression.

He’s been there. The difference is, his own depression hit before he became a Christian and lifted when he found Christ.

“I thought I was a defective person,” Miles says, recalling the dark days. Today, he runs group sessions at St John’s Lutheran Church, 700 S. Franklin St., where he’s pastor emeritus. Christian or not, all may attend, but note the sessions’ subtitle: “Overcoming despair through Christ.” Two rules: Nobody has to talk unless they want to, and confidentiality is absolute.

He’s also part of the national ministry of Ruth Graham, daughter of Billy, and herself a depression survivor. For details on her ministry, go to ruthgrahamand friends.com/.

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