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Conviction v. Condemnation

The culture of Christianity encompasses some wonderful ideas about faith, hope, love and other life entrenched subjects. However, at times and without proper balance, people can develop some unhealthy and unbiblical thoughts about themselves and the world that they live in. In instances were healthy conviction is replaced with self-condemnation you might just need a prescription for guilt. Diane Langberg, PhD, gives some good advice to believers regarding guilt about taking antidepressants and other hang-ups that may be of use to you or someone you know. The following is an excerpt of her article on Today’s Christian Woman entitled “Prescription for Guilt”:

“I take antidepressants for depression and anxiety. However, many of my Christian friends suggest I’m just “popping pills” to solve my problems. Why do believers make people feel guilty for taking medication for depression?”

Such reactions often are based on ignorance or misunderstanding. Many people don’t understand what clinical depression is or how utterly debilitating it can be. They mistakenly think it’s a case of “the blues,” and that if you just prayed more and pushed yourself more, you’d be fine.

But depression can be an unremitting darkness that affects both mind and body. It can occur without any apparent precipitant and involves intense emotional anguish as well as a rash of physiological symptoms: poor appetite, weight loss, sleep disturbances (frequent midnight and early morning awakenings), loss of energy, and/or an inability to concentrate.

People not only don’t understand what depression is, but they seem to assume that medication to treat something with an emotional component is wrong, except when a clear organic cause is discovered. But the mind/body connection is so complex that such black-and-white thinking leads to gross oversimplification.

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