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Ten tips to a restful nights sleep

Job stress, relationships, money issues can all cause trouble sleeping. Cognitive behavioral therapy in conjunction with prescription drugs is more often than not effective in helping people reclaim regular restful sleep. However, there are many practical things that one can do to to ensure a good nights sleep as well. Here are a few tips on how to get a good night’s rest from CBN Health’s Steve Arterburn:

1. Adhere to the three environmental basics of good sleep. First, be sure your room is as dark as you can get it. This may mean additional blinds, blackout curtains or a sleeping mask. Secondly, the room must be quiet. Additional drapes or a white noise sound equalizer may help. Thirdly, the room needs to be cool. The temperature should be 68 degrees or less.

2. Poor sleep is often a symptom of anxiety, worry, obsession, guilt, unresolved anger, depression and many other emotional and spiritual problems. Be sure that you are working to resolve any issues or heal any wounds that leave you tossing and turning. A vital part of the treatment of these problems must be surrendering them to God. Allow Him to handle and heal what is beyond your abilities.

3. Poor sleep often results from a low serotonin level. Serotonin may be replenished through eating foods that promote serotonin production. Turkey, dairy products, and bananas are examples of such foods. Secondly, there are supplements such as 5HTP that may be helpful. Others experience serotonin depletion due to a genetic disorder, which may require medication. Don’t eat protein late at night. It can keep you awake. Eat a light carbohydrate snack an hour or two before bedtime, like a muffin, to get the tryptophan you ate earlier in the day into your brain.

4. After dinner, take a walk or do some type of exercise, but remember to complete these at least 3 hours before bedtime. Exercise too close to bedtime can be over stimulating. Early exercise can help you relax.

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