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Grieving is a Natural Process

When experiencing loss, allowing one’s self to grieve is healthier than sweeping the realities you may be facing under the rug. Grieving is a natural human process. Grief itself can be useful in helping one to progress to emotional recovery. However, the natural progression for someone that is grieving should end in recovery and not turn into long-term depression, anxiety or post traumatic stress. The following is an excerpt of an article that discusses the natural grieving process and explores biblical ideas on grief:

Understanding the nature of grief can help us better cope with loss. Grief is a natural, healthy process that enables us to recover from terrible emotional wounds. William Cowper, the English hymn writer, said, “Grief is itself medicine.” People may say, “Don’t cry; your loved one is in heaven.” That may be true, but it’s important to deal with the very real pain of loss. We should not feel guilty for grieving because it is a necessary part of God’s pathway to healing.

The grief process is like sailing across a stormy sea. When we first experience a great loss, we are launched into a tempest of emotions. We feel surrounded by darkness and heavy waves of anguish. Comforting words are drowned out by howling winds of sorrow. We feel lonely and out of control as we are swept toward a new destination in life.

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