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Advice for Treating Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression, while in some instances can be more severe than in others, is common. There are several things that one can do in order to find help. Counseling is a very effective treatment for postpartum depression. Support groups for women that are experiencing postpartum depression help one to realize that they are not alone and offer much encouragement. Often times doctors will prescribe antidepressants to help suffers of postpartum depression during the months immediately following delivery. The key to dealing with postpartum depression or any type of depression for that matter is to not give up on yourself, stay informed and most of all stay connected with others that can help. The following article discusses the dynamics of postpartum depression and offers some insight into various treatment options. Here is an excerpt:

If you’ve ever dealt with a postpartum mood disorder, you know what a frightening and sometimes shameful experience it can be. One moment, you are happy, the next crying. Some days are great. Other days are met with confusion and hopelessness. You may have thoughts about hurting your baby or have panic attacks that feel like you are dying. You may have bizarre fantasies like throwing your baby out the window or toasting her in the oven. Maybe you feel obsessed and check your baby’s crib every 15 minutes.

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