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Focus on Faith and Healing

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Focus on Faith and Healing points you to thought-provoking articles, inspiritational readings, and helpful tips dealing with the various mental health concerns that Christians may face.

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Stephen Harnish, MD is the Medical Director of Brookhaven Hospital. He is board certified in psychiatry, and is a graduate of Dartmouth Medical School. Dr. Harnish is a member of the American Psychiatric Association and is well known in Oklahoma for his informative radio and television appearances.

Aric Thorpe, MHR, is Brookhaven Hospital’s
Pastoral Liaison Representative. He conducts the quarterly Minister’s
Lifeline series and provides mental health information to pastors
and clergy.

Sarah McGee, BA, serves as the Community
Education Provider for Brookhaven Hospital. She provides information
on mental health and drug and alcohol treatment to healthcare professionals
in Oklahoma and surrounding states.

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