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Binge Drinking Common Among High Schoolers

A recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had some alarming results. Among a survey of more than 15, 000 students nationally, grades 9 through 12, almost half reported drinking in the previous month; among those that reported drinking, 60 % had binged, drinking five or more drinks. The message is clear; parents, healthcare providers, teachers, Pastors and others need not be naïve to the plight of high school students. “Pediatricians and family practice physicians should be aware that most of their high school-aged patients drink alcohol and usually do so to the point of intoxication,” they wrote. The following is an excerpt of an article from Med Page Today which reviews some of the findings:

The researchers found:

  • 44.9% of the students (representing 7.4 million high schoolers) reported drinking alcohol during the prior 30 days,
  • 28.8% binge drank (representing 2.6 million students),
  • 16.1% drank alcohol but did not binge drink (representing 4.7 million teens), and
  • 67.4% of male- and 61.1% of female-current drinkers reported binge drinking.

Among binge drinkers across all grade levels, the findings were:

  • 68.7% (representing 3.2 million teens) reported doing so at least once in the prior month.
  • 73.3% (or 1.8 million) of boys and 63.7% (or 1.4 million) of girls binged on at least two days.
  • 28.2% (representing 700,000) and 18.3% (representing 400,000) binged on at least six days.
  • 13.6% (or 340,000) and 6.8% (or 150,000), respectively, binge drank on at least 10 days.

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